Mastering the Misery That is March: One Day at a Time

The month of March in most public schools in the region I teach in (New England) can be an incredibly difficult time to teach.  Unlike many parts of the United States, we don’t have an official “Spring Break.”  We have one week off in for February Vacation and one week off for April Vacation. Link to my school district’s calendar for this year So, needless to say, the time between those breaks can definitely become a grind for everyone!

Incredibly, March is actually awesome.  Simply because we don’t officially have any days off, it just seems to be so tough.  Highlights that totally get lost in the “Miserable March” attitude are these…

  1. March is the marks the beginning spring More about the Vernal Equinox
  2. We set the clock ahead one hour… We may lose an hour of sleep but that afternoon sunset gets later and later!
  3. The weather is trending in the much warmer direction as the sun gets higher in the sky
  4. A multitude of birds begin to return and sing to add that feel of spring
  5. The spring ‘peepers’ (frogs) begin their chorus Spring Peepers
  6. Lots of sports for our students transition and begin
  7. It’s winter season tournament time for many school sports
  8. It’s March Madness time for men’s and women’s college basketball  What is March Madness?
  9. Lots of students are finding out about the colleges they are getting accepted into

The list goes on and on, but I’m sure you can add some more awesomeness!

One of the most important pieces I fall back on with the month of March is “keeping myself in the day.”  If you look a the entire time off between the February and April vacation, it can be daunting.  However, if you break it down into ‘day to day’, it’s a great deal more manageable.

So, celebrate with your students and colleagues what is great about the month.  Recognize with everyone it can be kind of tough and take it one day a time.  All the sudden it will April and break is right around the corner!


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