I am thrilled to be joining the blogging community!  (better late than never)  For the past 20 years I have been and educator in public schools in Massachusetts.  I currently teach science electives to mostly seniors.  It is my dream job.  I teach Astronomy, Oceanography, Meteorology and Ornithology.  Our school is only one of a handful of public schools in the country that offer a full sixteen week course in the biology of birds!  How cool is that?  Twelve years about I started my professional speaking business as well.  For the first nine years, my primary audiences for the most part, were summer camps.  I facilitate day and overnight summer camp staff trainings across the United States.  I have alway dabbled in teacher training/school district Keynote speech/Education workshop space, but now is my time that I am going for it!  I am starting the full court press to get my name out there and to try to present and get out in front of teachers as much as I can?  Why?  I love teaching.  I love working with kids.  I love building positive relationships for kids and believe they need positive and emotionally healthy role models.  Teachers are fun.  Teachers are dedicated.  Teachers are the heart and soul of any school district as we fill the front lines in today’s education world.

I titled this blog Game Changer Teaching, simply because I hope that some of the experiences, ideas and practical tips I provide with help to be Game Changers for you and your students.  Everything I share, I hope to be a blend of research I have found, personal and professional experiences I have had (both positive and negative) mixed in a with a dash of humor and joy for one of the greatest professions in the world…teaching!

I am beyond excited to begin this new phase of my journey!  Thanks for being a part of it!