The Black Hole of Learning

“The longer of I have taught, the more I have tried to use that model.  Admittedly, I let that slip a little lately and noticed that my students started to work their way further and further away from the front of the room and move toward what I like to call the “Corner of Apathy.”  So, I put up the caution tape and attached the note you see in the picture.”

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“Alexa… please stop allowing bad role modeling and stereotyping women!”

We are now role modeling for young men (and old) that you can speak at a female voice in any manner whatsoever and she will immediately respond to your request regardless of how speak to her!  NOT OK… We have plenty of young men who already have enough poor role modeling of how to treat women in their lives, we don’t need an AI to help with that cause.

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Poke Me In the Eye, Right Now!

Tomorrow I am presenting at a New Hampshire teachers conference in Concord, NH.  I have been prepping for this event and I am thrilled to be able to be there.  Also, I am working toward my professional development goals and it has made me really be reflective about my PD (professional development) and what I […]

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Finding the Power of Positive Colleagues in the Midst of Anxiety and Depression

I feel so lucky to teach in a school district where I work with some of the best people, professionals and friends I could possibly imagine.  However, establishing that relationship doesn’t just happen, it takes a lot of work.  It takes a great deal of putting yourself out there to colleagues and making yourself somewhat […]

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